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My open competition entries

"Light leaks"

Show what a digital camera cannot do.

Share a photograph or a set of photographs with light leaks, deliberate or accidental. 

The winner will be published on our home page, but all entries will be included in our dedicated Inspirations article and shared on social media too.

To enter join us here, if you haven't yet. It is free.

Entry will be closed on: 01/08/2017 (time left: 1 days and 23 hours)

"Right in the middle"

Forget the rule of thirds for a moment...try to get a great shot with your subject right in the middle of the frame. You might get lucky and have your photo and the subject so interesting that people will not care or even notice that you have broken the rule. Try and share your entry here. 

You can post one photograph or a set of many. There is only one rule that you cannot break: only post images captured on film. No digital.

Cropping to achieve the effect is allowed, but if you have not cropped your photo, please mention for the brownie points!

Entry will be closed on: 01/15/2017 (time left: 22 days and 23 hours)