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The exciting film range from Revolog that really gets the creative juices flowing.

Created by a team of photographers from Vienna, Michael Krebs and Hanna Pribitzer, this colourful range has been steadily spreading into the analog world since 2008. 

The day we saw a project posted by one of the advocates on our website, showing the special effects that can be achieved using these hand made rolls, we have decided to speak to Hanna to find out more about their exciting film.


AA. It makes sense to start by asking about the unique experience that Revolog film offers to analog photographers and how does it make their photographs stand out from the crowd?

Well, one of the things our films offer is surprise. The photographers do know which effect they purchase but you’ll never now, where the effect will appear in the picture. Getting a film back from the lab is even more exciting that way.

What the film also offers is an easy way to achieve an exciting, different looking analog picture without the hassle of trying out many things that might also ruin the pictures you’ve taken. That doesn’t mean we don’t want people to experiment, but sometimes it is just easier not having to think too much but just being able to choose from a range of effects.

AA. What kind of photographers show the greatest interest in your film?

As far as we can tell, most are in their (early) twenties and many of them work very creatively and have already tried out experimenting with film too. But we also have interest from professional photographers, like the wonderful fashion photographer Rich Meade from Atlanta ( and photography artists like the amazing Alison Scarpulla (


AA. Where does the greatest interest come from?

Our films are bought from people all over the planet, but we seem to be especially popular in the US, Australia, Great Britain and asian countries like Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Singapur and Indonesia.

AA. It is great to see that you are looking to expand your film portfolio. Is this an indication of a growing demand (again!) for creative film photography?

Whether you ask your local photolab or take a look at the growing amount of film-photography websites, both will tell you that there is an increasing demand for creative film photography. We don’t know if this is an ephemeral phenomenon or something that will stay, but we sure hope it will.


AA. What is the technical process you apply to create Revolog?

Obviously, we would like to tell you all about it but we have to keep some tricks to ourselves. Most of the effects are achieved through pre-exposure. We don’t work with chemicals as we want to ensure that our films can be developed in any photo lab around the world without destroying the developing chemicals of the lab.


AA. You mentioned earlier that you were expanding your portfolio.  Does it involve new production processes. Are you trying something completely new? 

When talking about expanding our portfolio it basically means new films with different effects. But who knows, maybe we'll have an idea for something even more extraordinary in the future. Best way to keep informed would be signing up to our newsletter.

AA. What is your most popular film?

Our customers love the Kolor film, it is by far our most popular film. I guess people like the fact that the colours of your pictures are different in every frame and you won't know before how your picture will turn out. Also the effect changes only the colour of the image and doesn't overlay any of the photographed subjects (like the Volvox or Tesla film for example).  


AA. And your favourite?

My (Hanna) favorite films are the Kolor and the 600nm film, but I do like the Volvox, Tesla and Lazer film too. But actually I like all of the films and have achieved fabulous pictures with each one. I know that Michael likes the Kolor film best.

AA. How did you come up with the idea to create a bespoke film range?

Actually it was Michael's idea back in photography school. Basically, his first idea was to come up with a way to let films age more quickly. Classic stuff, like heating them up, etc. He wanted to work on it as part of his diploma project and when he was looking for a partner, I joined the team. We quickly realized that we wanted to achieve some stronger effects and started experimenting. After the first results a lot of people at school came up to us and wanted to try out our „destroyed“ films so we decided to found a company and sell them.


AA. In your view, how does Revolog film contribute to shaping the culture of creative photography?

We hope we can show people that analog photography doesn’t necessarily have to mean classic B/W photography, but that it can also mean surprisingly bright and fun pictures that can be achieved without a lot of hassle.

AA. And finally, can you tell us what your own honest view on the future of film is?

Honestly, we believe it’s going to be a specialist market, but not a small one. There is a whole new generation of young aspiring photographers coming up, who are really interested in analog photography. Many have already grown up with digital cameras, but find their Moms/Dads/Grandparents analog SLRs in the attic or they cheaply buy one at a flea market and start to fall in love film photography.


Michael and Hanna met at photography school in 2008. They became friends quite quickly and started working together for our diploma project which was Revolog.
Besides Revolog they work both as photographers and Michael is also studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. 

We wish them all the success and lots of new creative ideas.

You can visit the Revolog film website here.  


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Oliver Zelinski commented:

those guys should be famous! its not only "impossible" in vienna! check here ther first pick of my project, this is revolog / kolor

on: 30-01-2013 15:05
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KateB commented:

This is great. Why haven't I heard about it before???

on: 26-01-2013 21:55
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David Luck commented:

Good luck revolog! BTW I am ordering!!!!

on: 13-01-2013 17:04
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MRGT commented:

Nice ! I don't know that kind of film exists !!

on: 10-01-2013 14:11