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Rules, Terms and Conditions

Our Member's Rules


Be respectful to other Advocates.

Only upload work captured with analogue cameras. Winners of competitions and authors of work featured in our articles may be asked to present proof of negative.

Don't upload work that is digitally retouched apart from dust cleaning.

The exception to the rules above is when you upload content that is not a related to an analog photography project. For example, you want to show your vinyl collection or you want to talk about printed books, typewriters, cars etc. In this case, you can use digital photography in your project.

Only upload work that you have created.

Respect the copyright of others.

Don't upload content that is illegal or prohbited. If you do so your account may be deleted and the proper authorities notified.

No pornographic images please.

Don't harass other Advocates.

Endorsement as well as constructive criticism is allowed.

No bad language please.

If you are offended by any of the content please inform us by clicking on 'Report Abuse' so we can review and take action.

If you break the rules we reserve the right to delete your account.

Your images are your property and we respect your copy rights. However, by uploading an image you agree that Analog Advocates may use it on the site to promote your work e.g. if you win a competition, we will announce you as the winner and publish your winning work, or we may use your images to create a feature about your portfolio. Wherever possible we will seek your agreement to do so.

All the images published on are automatically reformatted to a size that is not sufficient for print publications.

If you see your photos published without your permission in another Advocate's project, in the first instance, contact the Advocate directly to enquire. If this is not possible or if you are not satisfied with the outcome please do let us know so we can take appropriate action.

You may be tempted to post a comment about your copyright dispute, but that's not the best way to resolve a problem. We don't encourage singling out individuals in this manner on our website as it could be seen as harassment which is against our policy.


Enjoy being part of our analog community!